Women (and men) who love to sew are a very special breed. They see cloth as art. Envision what patterns will look like simply by holding the bolt of fabric in their hands.

For those of us who can’t get enough sewing time, even bobbin threading is a fun exercise-which is why walking into a fabric shop is like going to Disney. But in your case, you’re walking into Lex, otherwise known as fabric world Miami; the place folks passionate about sewing go to have fun.

Why mention this underground movement of rabid sewers? Because that’s exactly the kind of traffic we draw at Lex Fabric every day we’re open. If we could, we’d make it 7 days a week, but heavy traffic requires us to close on Sunday and Monday to re-stock shelves with bolts of fabric arriving as fast as we can inventory it.

We’ve been providing Miami sewing fanatics with textiles for more than 30 years, which means that folks shopping here back in 1988 are bringing their kids and grandkids along to carry on the tradition. Some insist that thread and zippers are in their DNA and we’re the only fabric shop capable of satisfying them. We get it.

Whether you’ve been searching endlessly for textiles that meet your criteria and budget–or you’re sick and tired of being ignored at chain stores where there’s never enough informed personnel on staff who know what you’re looking for–your search for personalized attention and stunning fabrics begins and ends at Lex fabric shop.

Visit our fabric warehouse in Miami once and you’ll know why we’ve been a Miami fabric mecca for three decades.

How to choose fabric

Do you approach shopping for fabric in the same way you do when you show up at Wall’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream shop just off South Dixie Highway? We understand. Choosing material is a delicious experience–especially if you follow our 10 tips for selecting textiles at our fabric world Miami headquarters.

Tip #1: When visiting our fabric warehouse in Miami, always unroll fabric on the bolt a few yards to see how it hangs. Even if the textile looks great shelved, you must decide whether it’s heavy or light enough for your sewing project by examining a length.

Tip #2: Bring pattern(s) with you when you shop our fabric world Miami, whether you’re making an outfit or covering a couch. You won’t be the first person to drag shoes, sofa cushions or a tablecloth in to get the color match you’re seeking.

Tip #3: Follow the advice of the Florida Tourism Bureau: Once you’ve identified a good candidate for your project, step outside so you see how the color looks in the Florida sun. You’ll be glad you went to the trouble, and as the most patronize fabric warehouse in Miami, we’re used to people checking cloth in different types of light.

Tip #4: Yes, size matters. Textiles are woven on looms that deliver cloth in either 60-inch (150cm) or 45-inch (112.5cm) widths. The 45-inch size is the most common. Fabric width helps determine how much to buy when you’re ready to check out at our fabric warehouse in Miami.

Tip #5: Got the urge to serge? It can be strong if you adore working with stretchy fabric, but don’t take the textile manufacturer at its word that a material is stretchy. Test it between your fingers and don’t be shy about it. We expect you to check it out when visiting our fabric shop.

Tip #6: What’s your DQ? Not the Dairy Queen you patronize in Hialeah, ice cream fan. We’re talking Draping Quotient, the designer technique that can make the difference between the way a Walmart garment drapes and one by Donatella Versace. Some fabrics are born to drape. Others, not so much. We can help if you’re not sure!

Tip #6: Linen and silk and cotton, Oh My! Living in Miami means you are constantly on the lookout for fabrics that stitch nicely, wash easily and make you look awesome enough to stop traffic while standing on line at Story on Collins Avenue. As the most diverse fabric warehouse in Miami, we’ve got you covered.

Tip #7: Not all projects are created equal. You crave variety. That’s why our fabric shop stocks myriad textiles. Whether you seek fabrics to spruce up your home, you’re making a suit or you’re a whiz at upholstering, if you can’t find what you need at Lex, it may not exist!

Tip #8: Will it wash? Obviously, you’re not planning to toss sofa cushions into your Whirlpool, but if your projects include clothing, table linens and items that are sure to be soiled, check the fabric bolt label to ascertain cleaning constraints on fabric that appeals to you. Cotton blends, polyesters and some wools can be machine-washed. Satins, laces, silks and delicates may need hand-washing or dry-cleaning. Find out before you buy.

Tip #9: Do you still own an iron? Wrinkled garments that look as though you slept in them is no way to show off your sewing skills, so if the only iron you have in your home is in your medicine cabinet, look for blends that wash, dry and come out looking respectable when you visit our fabric shop.

Tip #10: It’s okay to get touchy-feely with your fabric! Look for signs of trouble. If material shows signs of fraying on the bolt, it could do the same once you’ve stitched up those seams. You may still love the fabric enough to buy it, but beefing up those seams can extend the length of your finished garment.

You deserve one-stop shopping. You’ve got better things to do with your time. Catch some rays. Check out the alligators in the Everglades. Treat your sensibilities to the visual wonders of Viscaya.

What you don’t have time for is chasing back and forth over the causeway to find the notions, patterns, sewing accessories and knowledgeable staffers. Match it all up at this fabric world Miami location and double down on your sun time.

Let us show you how it feels to shop the motherlode of fabric in Miami. We’re located at 12918 NW 7th Ave., and we’re open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

Wondering whether we’ve got the fabric you seek before you visit? Call before you come: (305) 685-2666. You can bring us a coffee if you like. Just don’t put it down anywhere it could spill on our inventory!